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Nilam Trust

Nilam Trust has been working for Empowerment of Arunthathiyar community to abate the vulnerabilities due to Manual Scavenging practices in Tamil Nadu Arunthathiyars are the most marginalized groups among Dalits and are called as Dalit among Dalits. The untouchability and discrimination against Arunthathiyars are not only practiced by Upper Caste Hindus but also by other dominant Dalit groups. In Arunthathiyar community, desertions of women are commonly accepted and it creates lots of single women. These women are vulnerable towards sexual exploitations and economical abuse by feudal and also by men of their own communities. Over the past 14 years we are working with Arunthathiyar community members through this program and we have seen a tremendous change in the lives of the Arunthathiyar community members and their children whom we sponsor. The program supported through ActionAid has helped many Arunthathiyar women and children and they are very grateful to our support and they feel included in the society through our work. Virudhunagar and Madurai, the two districts of Tamilnadu report the highest number of atrocities against Dalits every year. As we educate the communities on SC/ST Atrocities Act, it helps them to fight against the atrocities. This year, the communities we work with have filed FIR and sought legal aid that led to the arrest of 47 people accused of atrocities and the victims have received relief fund of Rupees Eight lakhs and fifty thousand from the state government.
Your support has helped us to organize various trainings to women and children and youth. The trainings have helped women especially single women who are more vulnerable to sexual exploitations and economical abuse by their employers, and also by men of their own communities. They are now courageous to deal with issues they face and live a life with dignity.

Community women, youth and children are now able to lobby with the local government for better facilities of bus services, proper roads, and drinking water and street lights.


Nilam trust has mainly concentrate on three districts such as

  • Madurai
  • Virudhunagar
  • Tirunelveli
  • Pudukkottai
  • Chennai

Apart from above three districts, we did and support Arunthathiyar communities need and issue based in south districts such as Theni , Dindigul and Thoothukudi.

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